Why you need a legal copywriter to write legal copy

The legal sector has endured deep-seated changes over the last few years. Changes that have been felt by even the most established of law firms.

Many in-house legal marketing departments have altered beyond recognition. Budgets have been slashed, team numbers reduced, and now, more than ever, marketing directors are being held accountable for client acquisition and retention.

Helping to achieve ROI in this brave new legal world, firms are increasingly turning to copywriting and content marketing to generate results.

What is content marketing?

The art of communicating with clients without selling, content marketing is being used by some of the most influential companies in the world. However, it isn’t just for consumer brands like Red Bull and Apple. Solicitors can also use the power of content to raise brand awareness, establish themselves as trusted partners, and attract new clients.

But where do you start?

Well, while your solicitors are undoubtedly great at securing results for clients, many of them find it difficult to drop the “legalese” when it comes to writing. And that’s understandable. The legal world is bursting with acronyms and linguistics that help solicitors to communicate with each other and their peers. But most people just don’t understand it.

Understanding your clients

The first rule of copywriting is to know who you are talking to. And, once you know that, to write in a manner that appeals to them.

Write conversationally using everyday words. Write with a particular person in mind, and think about how you would talk to them directly.

Dull and/or incomprehensible copy is unlikely to inspire people to contact you, so there’s no point wasting valuable fee-earner time if the content they produce turns readers off.

One of the most shocking discoveries made when working with a former legal client was that they wanted to create content that was difficult to understand. This approach, they believed, would convince people that the matter in hand was overly complex – justifying their own fees.

Once-upon-a-time this might have worked. But today, if you’re not producing readable, jargon-free content that actually helps your clients, you can be sure your competitors are.


Having worked with many law firms over the years, we’ve discovered that most solicitors – while thoroughly lovely – spend an inordinate amount of time obsessing about their own online presence.

Indeed, one lady (who shall remain nameless) would Google her name on a weekly basis, and expect regular reports as to why she wasn’t the first result to appear. And, she’s not alone.

One of the most time-consuming tasks faced by legal marketers is maintaining the bio page on their firm’s website. However, in reality, most clients are more concerned about what their solicitor can do for them, rather than where they went to school.

Ironically, by creating the quality content their audience needs rather than looking inwards, solicitors are more likely to generate new business AND boost their search engine position in the process. It’s a win-win.


Of course, even when you do have solicitors that can write, finding the time for them to do so can be tough. Every billable hour is accountable.

Many fee-earners know exactly what content their clients would find valuable, but just don’t have the time to put pen to paper. And, with in-house marketing teams often busy with their own revenue generating projects, it just never gets written.

Enter, the expert legal copywriter. On hand to offer much-needed support to solicitors and legal marketers. Even better, because of the rise in content marketing, there is an overabundance of us to choose from. All ready and eager to start crafting your legal prose.


As well as choosing someone that can write, you also need someone that understands the immense challenges faced by the legal profession and legal marketing teams.

In our experience, most law firms don’t operate like ordinary businesses, so you need a copywriter who knows how solicitors and partners tick. Someone who isn’t a stranger to the dynamics of the modern law firm.

You also need someone that can turn legalese into easy to read content that appeals to new and existing clients. And be confident that it is carefully researched, well-written, and factually correct.

It’s this unique understanding that makes professional legal copywriters so effective; adding value to your law firm by increasing your visibility and – ultimately – your revenue.

At Legal Ease we provide authoritative, readable legal copywriting services to firms across the UK. If you’d like to find out more about how our legal copywriting services can help you, please contact us today.